nuclear fusion

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a nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy

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The contract is the provision of support services to Oracle Consulting with respect to development and service module Electronic Document Flow (EOD) Self Management System, based on the Oracle technology Fussion Middleware - Web Center.
Fine restaurant performing a fussion of European cuisine with Caribbean and Asian influence.
Ford va a sacar un nuevo modelo en 2004 (o sea, el ano entrante): el Fussion.
In April, Mackie was awarded the prestigious Film & Video Magazine User's Choice Award in the area of Best Overall Product Quality, and our Fussion Active Loudspeaker System recently was named 'Product of the Year' by the British Entertainment & Discotheque Association.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: oracle consulting services for the purposes of maintenance and expansion module electronic document flow (eod) zsk-sgw system based on oracle technology fussion middleware - web center.
NASDAQ:MKIE), a leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment, today announced that their Fussion Active Loudspeaker System was named 'Product of the Year' by the British Entertainment & Discotheque Association (BEDA) at BEDA's annual awards banquet held last week in Birmingham, England.
The contract is for the provision of support services by the Contractor Oracle Consulting to support system expansion ZSK-SGW for Electronic Document Flow Module (EOD) system based on the technology of Oracle Fussion Middleware - Web Center integrated with the SGW based on the components of the Oracle E-Bussiness Suite.
The services offered are: telephony over IP, virtual agenda services, Internet services, creation, development and processing of Internet sites in HTML, Java, COLD FUSSION, XML, FLASH and all other Internet development applications tools and Internet applications and networking services and new features as a wireless transport service and a medical web collaboration took, plus the integration of a billing platform DataVoice Solutions can be found on the web at http://www.
This news, coming on the heels of our recent announcement regarding Mackie s acquisition of speaker companies, Radio Cine Forniture (RCF) and Fussion Audio, signals significant progress towards company goals.