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The number of available fusion protein expression vectors will be continuously extended.
To determine whether phosphorylated tyrosine can influence Siva-1 nuclear localization, we mutated all its tyrosine residues and then observed the changes in subcellular distribution of the GFP-Siva-1 fusion protein.
The supernatant containing the fusion protein was collected and applied to Ni-NTA resin (column XK 50/40, GE, USA).
After introductory matters, they cover fusion protein strategies for half-life extension; cytotoxic fusion proteins; fusion protein and addressing specific cells, organs, and issues; novel concepts and scaffolds, and multifunctional antibodies.
Inclusion of the PML-RAR [alpha] fusion protein disrupts the nuclear bodies [3].
Fusion proteins are a common and random occurrence in the body, and they often show up in sarcomas, Capecchi says.
We believe that Biotecnol's unique Tribody technology will contribute significantly to our ability to produce fusion protein drug candidates, and we therefore expect this collaboration to further broaden the potential of our proprietary VTA and anti-phospholipid platforms.
The B30-lysostaphin fusion protein developed by the research team is active against both S.
The best protection was reported for mice vaccinated by the intranasal route with an M2e-hepatitis B core fusion protein construct and detoxified heat-labile Escherichia coli enterotoxin adjuvant; almost none of these mice died after a virus challenge that killed 90% of control mice (21).
A gene encoding a fusion protein between the green fluorescence protein (GFP) and projctin's PEVK domain was reintroduced into the Drosophila germline by P- element transformation.
In the current study, a glutathione-S-transferase (GST)stathmin fusion protein was used to determine whether stathmin also binds to Hsp70, a third member of the Hsp70 family.
Then they engineered a chimeric fusion protein called GFD composed of Fc[gamma]RIIb and the cat allergen Fel D1.
Because of one-step production, purification, and quantification, the ideal fusion protein could save time, money, and labor compared with separate testing of different antibody markers and could provide a reasonable target for a screening step, allowing cost-effective combined detection of GAD65- and IA2-abs.
ProINS-Tf is a fusion protein between proinsulin and transferrin and has been shown to exhibit enhanced, sustained, hypoglycemic efficacy in vivo compared to therapeutic insulin, making it a novel candidate treatment for diabetes.