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very spiny and dense evergreen shrub with fragrant golden-yellow flowers

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But Furzy Park resident Gary Mayhew, who runs Buzitech, an IT technical support business from his home, said the street actually enjoys relatively fast broadband speeds.
He runs Furzy Mount, an arable/grass farm, as a satellite to a large dairy unit managed by Roger''s nephews, Mark and Matthew Mathias.
terms of the land, her head "like a furzy mountain." Like the
IDAHO 4 helms, 17 furzy IOWA 4 maes mase mesa same seam, 12 Maui (RHD), 14 wock, 18 goas sago, 22 ewks skew MAINE 14 abows (OED, W2) MICHIGAN 6 mootings, smooting, stooming (OED) OHIO 23 fell OREGON 13 barbet rabbet tabber (W3) TEXAS 7 hazel, 11 lepid piled plied UTAH 10 drek, 11 elfs self, 13 hung, 20 boun WYOMING 6 costume
The judges said the way Roger Mathias of Furzy Mount, Camrose, and his family run their farm enterprise captures the ethos of the competition - a high standard of commercial farming alongside sensitive environmental management.