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Synonyms for furry

Synonyms for furry

covered with hair

Synonyms for furry

covered with a dense coat of fine silky hairs


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Dafydd, also 39, was the drummer for Welsh band Catatonia before joining the Super Furries and forming The Peth.
I think they're hugely underrated as a band," he said, "The thing I love about the Furries is their amazing originality and the songwriting craftsmanship.
The Super Furries keep the likes of Bono and Thom Yorke on their toes
Meanwhile, the Furries have changed ticket arrangements for the gig after fans complained about charges for telephone bookings.
Ending with their trademark Man Don't Give a F**k, dressed in furry animal costumes and waving guitars above heads, it was clear the Furries are as daft as ever.
He's lovable definitely He's also the greatest Welshmen "Now Hollywood star Rhys and members of the Super Furries will take part in a concert at The Forum in London at the end of this month to raise funds for the former dope baron's treatment.
The Furries are the complete band, able to use both the full range of the recording studio and homemade tricks to further their cause.
The Furries delighted the crowd with cracking numbers such as Rings Around The World, Play It Cool, Receptacle Of The Respectable and Presidential Suite.
Green Man MD Fiona Stewart said: "We've been waiting for the Furries to reform for years and we can't wait to welcome them to Wales' own Green Man in what promises to be a truly amazing homecoming show.
We're making it with our own specially formulated recipe, although I can't tell you what that is," laughs Furries keyboard maestro Cian Ciaran.
In a possible sign that maybe, just maybe, the Furries are near to working together again two members of the iconic Welsh band have collaborated on a new song.
This year the locally-based festival organisers, working in partnership with South-Wales based company The Pop Factory, secured the services of the Furries to kick-off the weekend.
Super Furries frontman Gruff Rhys has rejected claims that Goldie Lookin' Chain will have limited long-term success.
Stereophonics and the Furries are battling for the best live act award alongside pop legend Tom Jones.