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robust east Asian clump-forming perennial herbs having racemose flowers: plantain lilies

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No notable changes occurred in the distribution of Steller sea lions on the eastern coast of the island, however, Steller sea lions decreased in abundance in the southern part of the island in the Funka Bay region.
From the late 1990's to 2000, Steller sea lions were more numerous in the central western coast on the Shakotan Peninsula, but they became less common at the northwestern extremity, along the eastern coast, and the southern coasts from Nemuro Strait to Funka Bay (Ishinazaka (40), Hoshino (41)).
Distribution and movement of walleye pollock larvae Theragra chalcogramma in Funka Bay and the adjacent waters, Hokkaido.
In Funka Bay, the main spawning ground for this population, pollock spawn from December to March (Kendall and Nakatani, 1992).
The aim of the present study was to examine, by using otolith daily growth ring analysis, regional differences in hatching date, body size, and early growth of juvenile pollock in Funka Bay and the Tohoku area and to elucidate the importance of Tohoku area as a nursery ground for the Japanese Pacific population of pollock.
Reproductive cycle of the scallop Patinopecten yessoensis (Jay), planted in Funka Bay, Hokkaido.
Life cycle and behavior of adult pollock (Theragra chalcogramma (Pallas)) in waters adjacent to Funka Bay, Hokkaido Island.
Relationship between spat density, food availability, and growth of spawners in cultured Mizuhopecten yessoensis in Funka Bay: concurrence with El Nino Southern Oscillation.
ABSTRACT Spawning season of Strongylocentrotus intermedius in Hokkaido is classified into the 3 types, Sea of Japan, Funka Bay, Sea of Okhotsk, and Pacific Ocean.
intermedius in Hokkaido, spawning is classified into three types: Sea of Japan type with intensive spawning in autumn, Funka Bay type with spawning in spring and autumn, and Sea of Okhotsk and Pacific Ocean type with spawning from spring to autumn (reviewed by Agatsuma 2001).
yessoensis has been reported to spawn once a year from April through May to June in Toni Bay and Funka Bay, Japan, and spawning occurs from May through June to July in Lake Saroma and Abashiri waters, Hokkaido, Japan.
Studies on Pandalus hypsinotus Brandt in Funka Bay, Hokkaido.