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an organism of the kingdom Fungi lacking chlorophyll and feeding on organic matter

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Evaluating methods for preserving yam (Dioscorea sp) phytopathogenic fungii
saccharivora are mentioned several species of insects: egg parasitoids (two species of Hymenoptera); nymphs and adults parasitoids (one species of Hymenoptera and one species of Strepsiptera) (Guagliumi, 1953; Teran, 1980; Giraldo-Vanegas et al, 2004); predators of eggs, nymphs and adults (one species of Diptera, six of Coleoptera, five of Neuroptera, three of Hemiptera, one species each of Dermaptera and Orthoptera), and the pathogen fungii Metarrhizium sp.
On most scalps there are 10million fungii called malassezia globosa which feeds on oils on the head.
Moreover, there's a school of thought that believes the human race was born from such high-flying fungii.