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a large vase that usually has a pedestal or feet

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a large pot for making coffee or tea

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Native American seed pots decorated with geometric patterns, raku funerary urns in gem tones, and sun-baked earthenware bowls from Mexico are among the artful pottery I have collected in my travels.
One of the 12 graves was believed to be that of a important person because his skeletal remains were placed inside a large funerary urn along with 10 metal, ceramic and stone objects," Concha Olivera said.
The idea for the Ashes Vessel Commission, comes from the origins of the Ashes series, when English cricket was "cremated" and presented in a funerary urn.
A vessel marked by a small white cross that is carried by a figure in one of the rural scenes may be a funerary urn or could hold the water of life.
A glass mirror in front of the altar allowing the public to view the ornate decorated ceiling showing the signs of the zodiac was also smashed, as was part of the pulpit, the organ, four panes of the Nativity scene in the Lady Chapel and a funerary urn belonging to a family.
Before my own life was over, it might become a vast vat of chemicals, as devoid of life as ashes in a funerary urn.
In pattern poetry, the written or printed shape of the text corresponds to its theme or subject: for instance, a funeral ode might be printed in the shape of a funerary urn.
Team members also discovered a funerary urn with its lid still sealed with clay and therein the remains of three children, one of whom had been ritually sacrificed.
You can now see the golden sunburst that adorned King Philip's funerary urn in two places.