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a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated

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The large fragments of the cremated bone would imply that intentional crushing and pounding of remains after a cremation (see Lisowski 1968; Sigvallius 1994) is unlikely to have been part of the funerary rite at Carrowkeel--or at least that it did not involve the bones that were deposited in the tombs.
What remains understudied, however, is the role of funerary rites as a source of inspiration for African popular culture.
Starting from the premise that incineration, with its different variants, was the funerary rite of the Dacians before the Roman conquest, in the first stage all incineration necropolises have been attributed to the autochthonous Dacians.
This surplus of crania, in combination with the equally frequent occurrence of isolated and partially articulated infracranial bones in similar contexts, suggests a number of intriguing possibilities, chief among them the practice of delayed burial, wherein the bodies of some members of the Neolithic population were retained as part of an extended, multi-stage funerary rite incorporating a liminal period, possibly seasonal in nature, perhaps much longer.
They also show that monks regularly perform funerary rites despite the lack of ritual instructions in any early Buddhist textual sources.
9) In my rereading of this document, I argue that the model of opposition between bon and gshen is based on a false dichotomy, and that these two classes of priests were identical, or nearly identical, ritual specialists involved mostly in healing, divination, and funerary rites.
The banners are placed on top of the coffin throughout the funerary rites, usually next to a coconut and a monk's bowl.
Examples of Tibetan literature, funerary rites, and folk songs are also included in this part.
1981 The Journey to Paradise: Funerary Rites of the Benuaq of East Kalimantan.
Ukrainian Christians fashioned and consumed such pastries for Lent and at funerary rites.
Across four detailed chapters, Major analyzes the commentaries, letters, diaries, funerary rites, and poems of writers on both sides of the political divide; indeed, the impressive range of materials that Major examines in order to fill out our understanding of the experience of exile in the seventeenth century is one of his study's major strengths.
He was given the name "Nelson" by a school teacher in the Methodist primary school he attended as a child in his ancestral village Qunu--the same place where he was laid to rest according to Xhosa traditional funerary rites on December 15, 2013.
These comprise standard funerary rituals for the "good" dead (with highly specific variants for dead monks, for instance) and special rituals for the "bad" dead (a particularly rich theme in Asian cultures, as we know from the studies edited by Baptandier), but also annual communal rituals or festivals that aim at addressing still unresolved (or unsatisfactorily resolved) death matters-- potentially dangerous wandering ghosts who have not received funerary rites, or who have not found the passage to rebirth or to the afterworld, as well as the suffering denizens of hell.
Specialists in the art of Asia, Europe, or Latin America explore such topics as Chinese export porcelain for the Mexican colonial market, a foldout map of the Manila galleons and their trade network in 1610, the catafalque of Margaret of Austria and royal funerary rites in 17th-century Lima, sculptural replication in the early modern transatlantic world, and casta paintings and self-fashioning artists in New Spain.
Hurst Park staged racing for the last time on October 10, 1962, when nearly 6,000 turned up to observe the funerary rites and the valedictory race was won by Anassa, trained by Towser Gosden and ridden by Des Cullen.