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a mortuary where those who knew the deceased can come to pay their last respects

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Founded in 1893, Jay Chapel has been a funeral service provider in the Madera-Fresno area for over 100 years.
Vivian Albertyn, managing director of Middle East Funeral Services (MEFS), the first official funeral service provider in the UAE, said his service aimed to take care of all necessary procedures simultaneously during a difficult time to make it easier for relatives.
Recommendations from friends or family are always a good option, although most local funeral service providers will give professional support and guidance when you're arranging the funeral.
The more creative funeral service providers offer what others jokingly describe as "die now pay later" schemes wherein the family of the departed could avail funeral services and recompense for it in instalments.
But one of the most exciting new developments for the Society is that it has become one of the first funeral service providers in the UK to launch a dedicated App for client families.
Dignity is one of the UK's leading funeral service providers.
Consumer protection advocates and resulting government regulation of the death care industry tend to focus on the most obvious problems, those caused by deceptive sales practices of funeral service providers.
In fact, Howard employs only five staff members yet business has been booming, causing concern among funeral service providers across the country.
Since our launch last year, we have worked closely with funeral service providers to develop a program that meets their needs.
The subsidiary is expected to expand the scope of services after the revised law is implemented sometime around the end of this year, and the company predicts annual sales of 400 million to 500 million yen by contracting with other funeral service providers across Japan, they said.