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a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated

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63) The beauty of the objects discussed here creates the space for funeral attendees to enjoy the possibilities brought about through death, and the proper execution of the funeral rituals of which these arts are an integral part help put their minds at ease.
I think that's sensible and I think particularly given language difficulties, particularly given funeral rituals and practices mean that people coming from West Africa in the three affected countries do pose a higher threat and a higher risk of contracting the disease and ultimately spreading it.
He merely writes that the funeral rituals continue, with little or no work done.
On the other hand, in western cultures funeral rituals are long gone, while in Islamic cultures they have been simplified, the "passing" taking place in just a white cloth.
A teenager died in Sitra last night even as riots erupted after funeral rituals for another teenager, who died in an explosion there earlier this week.
The study of early funeral rituals on and around the Tibetan plateau offers fertile ground for progress incorporating both textual and archaeological research for which he is well-equipped.
Greer writes with full description, making it easy for readers to experience the bat-filled caves, dancing snakes, and somber funeral rituals.
After standing exposed to the elements for more than 100 years, Stela 44 was moved by order of a later king and buried as an offering inside new construction that took place at the main El Peru-Waka' temple about AD 700, probably as part of funeral rituals for a great queen entombed in the building at this time, the research team suggests.
The White House in Mourning details the deaths and subsequent mourning and funeral rituals for each president who died in office: four of whom died of illness and four of whom were assassinated.
He said that changing the periods of burials and funeral rituals and politicising and exploiting such occasions to target the lives of policemen and the safety of the public are unacceptable.
Mitford's statement alerts us to the fact that funeral rituals in the United States have become sterile, without any feeling, especially for those who are left behind.
2) implies the possibility of cross-cultural similarities in expressions and contexts, and the importance of funeral rituals as against other ceremonial practices as a possible distinguishing feature of Bornean ancestors, the volume discovers a situation of "considerable diversity" (p.
Libya's mufti, Sadeq El-Gheriany, said earlier in the week that Qaddafi was not a Muslim and thus people should not hold Islamic funeral rituals or pray for his soul.
Libya's mufti, Sadeq el-Gheriany, said earlier in the week that Gaddafi was not a Muslim and thus people should not hold Islamic funeral rituals or pray for his soul.
The motive for the killings is under investigation because I cannot question witnesses as they are practicing funeral rituals," said local police commander Colonel Suwat Wongpaiboon.