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showing lack of skill or aptitude

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He had a reticence I think I recognize lately in myself--a reticence complicated by a quality of adaptability I fumblingly touched upon in "The Many Lives of Moses Hadas," which I wrote for Columbia Magazine in 2000:
How else could Hillcoat prove that she offers herself to Forrest and that he rather fumblingly accepts?
Olmert then fumblingly accused both parents of hampering any possible talks to release their son, because they were launching a huge media campaign.
Haggard sits with Scott, Osie, Jean, and me for lunch, and I ask whether he thought he might come to embrace gay marriage within his own church, to perhaps one day sermonize about a gay couple the same way he had just spoken, however fumblingly, about an interracial couple.
Second, interventions that ask us to be present and do what we fumblingly and imperfectly can do will lose out to a quick fix promising to give us the idealized kind of sex the dominant fantasy teaches us is sexy.
While however Lurie the 'dog-man' commits himself to mourning the animals' deaths, without expecting to enter their consciousness but rather clutching at the ethical straws of 'being with nothing,' Paul is insistently prompted and read through by Costello's playing God to him, a 'slow' Job whose gaze she fumblingly diverts towards angelic presences and divine beauties.
Joshua was nine and pear-shaped and generally shied away from exercise of any kind, but his brother asked him if be wanted to play and his brother never asked him to do anything, so Joshua did his best as his brother whipped his arm and slung the Frisbee with such force that it shot forward in a white blur Joshua tried to snatch from the air but mostly bobbled, knocking it to the grass with a thunk or fumblingly catching it, clutching it to his chest.
It should reflect you fully, not fumblingly, and appear natural, not rehearsed.
In this, the Asian stereotypes from the films, murderously focused on financial gain and yet fumblingly unable to fulfil their evil ambitions, forecast and contextualize Shylock aftershocks.