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American inventor who designed the first commercially successful steamboat and the first steam warship (1765-1815)

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The corporation's investment management and trust services are offered at all banks through Fulton Financial Advisors, a division of Fulton Bank, N.
Fulton believes the number of permits will only increase slightly for 2013, and will certainly not come close to other predictions of nearly 15,000 new permits.
Mary Grace Wallace of Fulton was the flower girl, and Camron Nicole Cowart, Suni Bach'et Crane, and Andrea Kathleen Montgomery, all of Fulton, served as tea girls.
If Mr or Mrs Fulton raise concerns over their treatment, we can take these up with the relevant authorities.
JAILED: David and Fiona Fulton and their adopted daughter Elizabeth, with daughter Iona and son Luke
Just a few years ago, home only to local tenants and old buildings, Fulton Street wasn't very aesthetically appealing.
The court heard Fulton, 40, began working as the charity's area administrator for Lothian in 2001.
The new systems further increase steam raising capacity for bottling and packaging applications at IBFI's existing plant, which has been using two Fulton 60E boilers for over twenty-seven years.
Heralded by Publisher's Weekly as "Dickinson's postmodern heir," Fulton is a poet of depth and great intellectual resources-skills that, as Cascade Experiment goes to show, have only been strengthened and refined over the course of time.
Fulton says, "Steve helped us tremendously because he guided us to United Bank, which wound up helping us get money for renovations and operating costs, which helped us get our first contract.
Through the years, Fulton Supply and Recycling has remained committed to quality and fair business practices, but lately, the company has had to adapt to a whole new set of rules, Edwin says.
When Ralph Lynch, a retired Fulton County principal who is now a consultant for the district, teaches the classroom management portion of the substitute training course, he always asks for a show of hands about firsthand experiences with subs.
The officer said Special Branch first approached him and another colleague in late 1994 telling them to stay away from Fulton.
In a development set to cause consternation at the highest levels of Government and inside the security services we can reveal that dissident terror bosses came within hours of killing Fulton in Northern Ireland last week.