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Synonyms for thunderbolt

a discharge of lightning accompanied by thunder

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a shocking surprise

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En un final inesperado (recurso del fulmen in clausula, que da culminacion a la decepta exspectatio), su conducta es explicada por cuanto la tos que aqueja a Maronila da pie a expectativas de una muerte pronta, con la cual el hombre interesado heredara la hacienda de esta.
lt;<Fulgura et fulmina: Or what it portends when the family tomb is struck by a fulmen quod decussit>>, Divination and portents in the Roman World.
Ecaterina Racoviceanu (1873-1920) had as pen names Fulmen, Laura, Lorica.
The decision announced in the Official Journal of the EU today said "Fereydoun Mahmoudian and Fulmen are not included on the list of persons and entities subject to restrictive measures.
The Luxembourg court confirmed Iranian private company Fulmen Group and its largest shareholder and chairman, Fereydoun Mahmoudian, shouldn't be on the list of companies subject to restrictions because their alleged support of nuclear proliferation couldn't be proven.
In two separate rulings, handed down on 28 November, the EU Court of Justice confirms the validity of the EU's freeze against the company Kala Naft (C-348/12 P) but annuls the measure against Fulmen (C-280/12 P).
A void judgment is a nullity, a brutum fulmen and is subject to collateral attack and may be stricken at any time.
Beginning at the beginning, with "primeval conditions," we witness the thunderbolt ("fulminance" recalls the Latin fulmen, which means "thunderbolt") that initiates the establishment of human civilization, and move through the basic human institutions of weddings ("nuptialism"), burial ("sepulture"), and religion ("providential divining"), until we arrive at a state of settled equality and equilibrium:
Later, Father Bartochowski would write a panegyric under the title Orientis Fulmen for the triumphal march through Cracow.
En el 2006 recibio el Accesit al Premio de Poesia, Maria Fulmen, Sevilla, Espana.