Fulmarus glacialis

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heavy short-tailed oceanic bird of polar regions

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Relative effects of parental performance and egg quality on breeding success of Fulmars Fulmarus glacialis.
Breeding status, contaminant burden and helminth parasites of Northern Fulmars Fulmarus glacialis from the Canadian High Arctic.
Although no evidence of increasing mortality was found in a 30-yr study of Northern Fulmars Fulmarus glacialis (Ollason and Dunnett 1988), we speculate that even 30 yr of data may be insufficient to show the full extent of the curve in this exceptionally long-lived species.
Species that nest in burrows (Atlantic puffin Fratercula arctica) or on the ground (northern fulmar Fulmarus glacialis, great black-backed Larus marinus and herring gulls Larus argentatus) did not fledge any offspring in 2009, and common murres (Uria aalge) at this colony, the largest for this species in North America, experienced an estimated 4.
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Ectoparasites of northern fulmars Fulmarus glacialis (Procellariformes: Procellariidae) from the Canadian Arctic.
Key words: colony attendance, Fulmarus glacialis, marine production, northern fulmar, weather
Key words: northern fulmar, Fulmarus glacialis, Arctic, population status, population trend, colony attendance