automatic firearm

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a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released

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Fully automatic machines have more features and more advantages then semi automatic washing machines.
The price of EcoStar's fully automatic, top-load washing machine - WM-08-700 is Rs.
Fully automatic operation is possible ensuring that no additional burden is placed on the operator.
The controls are easy to use with the LCD colour touch screen, and the machine can be set to fully automatic as well as manual.
Now you don't have to worry about missing an episode from your favorite TV show since you can leave all the washing to Midea's Fully Automatic Washing Machine.
A fully automatic central greasing system and rear view camera are standard.
Additionally, the Allison fully automatic transmission's smooth automatic shifting makes life a little easier for the driver and other occupants.
The Elsner Model LS-MS-15 Fully Automatic Log Roll Splitter may be coupled directly with an Elsner Rewinder.
Founded in 1941, the company designs and manufactures semi-automatic and fully automatic filling equipment for the paint and coatings industry.
The Minuteman ELT series of semi- and fully automatic systems is suited for Knoop, Vickers and Rockwell hardness testing.
Lately we have had the opportunity to procure a Jura fully automatic espresso machine.
The entry level ELT1, the intermediate ELT2 and the fully automatic ELT3 are options for the Tukon microindentation testers, while the ELT4 version is for Rockwell and MicroRockwell testers.
The LIQFILsuper 40 (F-40) is a fully automatic capsule filling machine that can encapsulate a wide range of materials.
Rotation velocity is freely adjustable and "smart" part tracking ensures that suspected off-spec parts are not confused with good parts: The indexer can operate in fully automatic mode with a timer or in semi-automatic "Jog" mode with manual actuation of a toggle switch; Hinged entry and exit doors have Safety sensors that Stop the indexer in case of misloaded parts: Tel: (630) 626-1626 * PTDirect 839QB
The system will be operated unmanned and be fully automatic, with a full turnkey handover, including civil engineering and construction.
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