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a member of a pastoral and nomadic people of western Africa

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Table 2: Names of aspects of Bondo Society in the Main Sierra Leonean Languages Ethnic Name of Bondo Name of Head of Name of new Name of non Group Society Society/Bush initiate initiate Fulah Baytee Barajelli Betijor Jiwor Limba Bondo Baregba Gbonka Gboroka Loko Bondona Digba Bondona/ Gborrga Bondofayra Mende Sande Sokonday/ Sandewi Kpowei Sowei/Majo Susu Guhngiri Joangojeri Taysingeh Amoogaangeh Temne Bondo Digba Aboanka Gburka Table 3: Socio demographic characteristics of study population Numbers Percentage Age (%) 10-12 100 32.
He also found it professionally advantageous to masquerade as an African, so he fabricated a colorful story about his ancestry, claiming that his father was an exiled Christian Fulah prince from Senegal; some of the publicity material he circulated stated that he himself had been born in Senegal and had lived the first eight years of his life as an outcast there.
He had employed the same tactic when presenting himself to the British public, pretending to be the son of a Christian Fulah prince from Senegal.