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any of the forms of Chinese spoken in Fukien province

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Many use English, Fukienese, or Mandarin as second languages.
(70) Floy Hurlbut, The Fukienese: A study in human geography (Muncie, IN: The author, 1939); Hugh Clark; Community, trade and networks: Southern Fujian province from the third to the thirteenth century (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991), pp.
Fukienese entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, Malayalee clerks in Bombay, and Ibo plantation laborers in Equatorial Guinea were all mobilized into their economic activity on the basis of ethnic affinity." (51)
President Macapagal-Arroyo stated that one of the country's current priorities is the certification of programmers and the strengthening of math, science and English in schools, A final bonus in the Philippines' language monopoly is the presence of its ethnic Chinese population, which brings the globally spoken Mandarin and Fukienese dialects into the call center.
(197.) Chang & Lim, supra note 131, at 404 (explaining that the aborigines (yuanzhumin), the Hoklo (Fukienese Chinese descent), the Hakka (Chinese descent), and the "Chinese mainlanders" comprise the main ethnic groups on Taiwan); Cooney, supra note 179, at 499 n.7 (providing that the Taiwanese people includes the Minnan Chinese who commenced emigrating many centuries ago, the "mainlanders" who fled in 1949, the Hakka minority, and the indigenous people); see also Fu, supra note 178, at 333 (observing `"reverse discrimination' against the so-called `outside province people,' people whose parents were not born in Taiwan (the waishing ren)").
The result was dizzyingly multicultural, the theatrical equivalent of taking a stroll through one of Singapore's infamous hawker centers, where some of the world's most extraordinary cuisines--Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, Hokkienese, Fukienese, Shanghainese and South Indian--are all available next to each other in orderly stalls.