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Synonyms for supplement



  • pull-out
  • insert
  • magazine section
  • added feature
  • special feature section


Synonyms for supplement

something that completes another


a subordinate element added to another entity

to supply what is lacking

Synonyms for supplement

textual matter that is added onto a publication

a quantity added (e

add as a supplement to what seems insufficient

serve as a supplement to

add to the very end

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Zhang, regarding the first eleven Wild Grass pieces in his column Jingbao fukan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in 1925 writes of a conversation he had with Lu Xun about chickens fighting each other in the latter's courtyard, in which Lu Xun said "I've seen enough of this kind of fighting, let them fight
11) Zhang Yiping, "Gumiao zatan (wu)" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ["Old Temple Talks (5)"], Jingbao fukan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [Peking Gazette Supplement] (31 March 1925), cited in Zhang Mengyang, Tongshi, vol.
His heyday as a published author came late, with seventeen works appearing in Lin Haiyin's [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Lianhe bao fukan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (United Daily News Literary Supplement) during the last eighteen months of his life.