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any of the forms of Chinese spoken in Fukien province

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These towers formally represent a blood relationship and a cultural association between these early Han dynasty Fujianese kingdoms and the Eastern Zhou dynasty kingdom of Yue.
32) Since the late 1980s, smuggling networks have brought tens of thousands of Fujianese to the U.
Yang is fluent in English and is a native speaker of Mandarin and speaks several other Chinese dialects, including Cantonese, Chiu Chow and Fujianese.
Ken Guest, assistant professor of anthropology at Baruch College, City University of New York, traces the immigration trail of the young adult Fujianese who have departed the region of Fuzhou City, China, in droves over the past twenty-five years.
Food notes, cultural insights, and discussions of popular Fujianese dishes are featured in a fine collection of dishes such as Steamed Fish with Litchi, Sweet Potato Leaves with Rabbit, and Taro Root Casserole.
In 1828, the Liang-Guang governor-general arrested seventeen Fujianese and charged them with piracy for having killed and robbed thirteen French sailors shipwrecked in Vietnam.
Although many Fujianese speak both dialects with some fluency, Min Nan and Min Pei are not mutually intelligible, further testimony to how the rugged terrain of this province created different governing districts, localized customs and tea cultures.
7%), and other dialects or languages such as Chiu Chow, Fujianese, Shanghaiese, and Vietnamese (4.
Most of them considered themselves to be Fujianese and Hakka.
The second notes the irony that while the literati of Matteo Ricci's time actually had little interest in Western art, the most evocative devotional Chinese Christian art of the nineteenth century was produced by non-Christian Fujianese artisans with little or no memory of earlier Christian influences.
Along with offering education and depression screening for Asian-Americans of all ages, the services have an additional focus on Vietnamese and Fujianese communities.
Li, a Fujianese immigrant who emerged 15 minutes later when the cop car had disappeared.
One of the most recent discourse analysis studies related to the Asian population is provided by Greenberg, who examines the content and expressions of "opinion" discourses surrounding the arrival of the Fujianese refugees off the coast of British Columbia in 1999.
An interesting twist is that the main characters are not speakers of "Taiwanese," the offshore dialect of the southern Fujianese who provided most of Taiwan's immigrants.
Henry and team are able to serve customers in six dialects of Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Fujianese, Taiwanese, Shanghaiese, and Toisanese) as well as Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean and English.