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a leader and organizer and spokesman (especially a political leader)

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"You would think, for example, that a health care company might do well in a Democratic political environment while another type of company, perhaps something gun-related, would fare well in a Republican administration," Fugler said.
[bar] PRIZE GUYS: Apprentices Daniel Fugler, left, and Oliver Wike, centre, with Richard Ellis, of Ellis Furniture
But a sense of self-mockery surfaced in the talk of Howard Fugler, who crimped for, among others, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Jean Shrimpton, Elizabeth Taylor, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Mick Jagger and Madonna.
Fugler and Bowser (2002) showed that high-efficiency furnace filters have a minimal effect on indoor particulate (P[M.sub.10]) levels when the occupants are active, but during low activity times (sleeping), P[M.sub.10] could be reduced 70%.
Fugler, Dominion "Far and Chemical Company Limited, Montreal; W.
Then Mike Tournier left the band, leaving just Mike Bryant and Jon Fugler.
The band's John Fugler admits that he perceives Fluke as an album act and the singles don't always present themselves as obvious choices.
(615) 661-4069 6911th Radio Gp Mobile (Darmstadt, Germany): Don Watson (405) 787-4371; e-mail: dwat6911@nstar.net 8206 AU(ATC) (Outport #4 Kosedo and Sokchori, Korea): Charlie (Andy) Anderson (612) 788-1490 85th AMG (Japan 1945-48): Thomas Clements (860) 434-8774 A Btry, 867th FA Bn, 4th Army (Ft Sill, OK)/7th Army (Ger.) 1953-56: Chester Ball (903) 965-4588; e-mail: chieffire@hotmail.com ACU/LCU/LCT: Bill Bartz (608) 296-2619 AFAITC (Armed Forces Air Intel Trng Ctr): Carl Fugler (303) 364-5186 All AK/AKA crew members: Richard E.
The writings of Geoffrey Chew and Paul Fugler have provided a palaeographical and iconographical introduction to Caius and Lambeth, and have established that both manuscripts were largely copied by the same person.(2) Their provenance has, however, been left entirely to speculation until now.
Don Fugler of the Technical Policy and Research Branch of CMHC sponsored a project last summer to develop simple moisture sensors for straw bale walls.
Elizabeth Fugler as CGAM's Director of Business Development and Client Service.
Ian Fugler, the organisation's director for land management, said: "As we all know, the current situation is having a major impact on farmers in some parts of the country and we want to ensure that the appropriate environmental stewardship derogations are available to help farmers deal with the consequences of this period of dry weather." The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) welcomed the decision and said it was "reassuring" to know that Natural England recognised that farm businesses are weather dependent.
Daniel fugler is ready to reel in a trophy for England.
FORMED in 1989 by occasional vocalist Jonathan Fugler along with Michael Bryant and Michael Tournier, the band have embraced the diversity and style of the dance scene from pop-beats to trip-hop, big beat and electronica.