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South African playwright whose plays feature the racial tensions in South Africa during apartheid (born in 1932)


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Much of the defense coming from the APT creative team takes this view: that the metaphor of privilege and race in Fugard's play, so crucial to the play's effect, influences how the play should be cast.
Play Playwright Country The Plough Sean O'Casey Ireland and the Stars Mother Courage Bertolt Brecht Europe, mainly and Her Poland, Italy Children and Germany Waiting for Samuel Beckett Post-World War Godot II Europe The Crucible Arthur Miller United States The Freedom Brian Friel Northern of the City Ireland Fefu and Her Maria Irene United States Friends Fornes Pantomime Derek Walcott Trinidad and Tobago Zoot Suit Luis Valdez United States "Master Harold" Athol Fugard South Africa ...
Wicomb, Fugard, and other writers who address repressed histories insist that the violence of apartheid is part of their past and they bear responsibility for its legacy.
There's a stark choice for the title character in this pacy, vigorous revival of Athol Fugard's Apartheid-era tale of identity and freedom; retain his name and face the consequences meted out by an oppressive system, or take an unexpected chance offered to him to start anew.
PNN The Island The Island The Jenin based Freedom Theater will be touring their adaptation of Athol Fugard's in the United States this fall.
We only sweeten with Fairtrade apple juice, never sugar and always use the best organic ingredients, from essential oils and herbs to oranges and lemons from the orchards of Siciliy," said William Fugard, Director of Gusto Organic.
More recently, Sand is finding his Clark preparation very helpful in playing fairer skinned South Africa sibling Morris in the Boston Center for American Performance revival of the Athol Fugard anti-apartheid 1961 play "Blood Knot" (through March 2).
But the company, known for performing challenging, provocative works in the summer, will once again present a three-play season, opening June 28 with Athol Fugard's A Lesson from Aloes.
Thus alongside Waiting For Godot it offered Athol Fugard's Sizwe Bansi is Dead, Strindberg's Miss Julie, Orton's Entertaining Mr Sloane and David Hare's Slag.
It was he, along with his wife, the actress Yvonne Bryceland, and Athol Fugard, who established The Space Theatre in Cape Town in the 1970s.
The actors formed a working group in a laboratory environment to fine tune their performance skills, after the success of Athol Fugard's No Good Friday.
THE anticipated release in late 2010 of a movie version of Athol Fugard's "MASTER HAROLD" ...
This collection of articles, essays and interviews from American Theatre magazine celebrates the 25th anniversary of this publication and offers theatergoers and theater professionals more than 100 pieces from such noted authors as Wallace Shawn, Athol Fugard, Tony Kushner and Studs Terkel.
Actor Antony Sher, who was born in Cape Town, said: "I'm extremely pleased to be working with Janice Honeyman again - she directed me in the RSC production of Fugard's Hello and Goodbye.
"Exits and Entrances" is Athol Fugard's memoirs in the form of his preferred method, the theater.