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cell that produces electricity by oxidation of fuel (hydrogen and oxygen or zinc and air)

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It makes fuel cells for forklifts and other material-handling equipment.
Elsewhere in other developing countries like Brazil, China, and India, continuous research on hydrogen fuel cells is already underway for both stationary and transport application.
Optimising bipolar plate and membrane electrode assembly material and design configurations, Horizon's Shanghai R&D center has successfully achieved a continuous power density of 1.5W/cm2 at 0.6V per cell in a full size short stack, doubling the power density of some commercial automotive fuel cells. Further power density improvement to 1.8W/cm2 is expected in the foreseeable future.
A fleet of zero-emission buses in Oakland, CA, has reached a major operational milestone due in large measure to fuel cell technology supplied by Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies.
Additionally, almost 10 percent of Fortune 500 companies now use fuel cells for stationary or motive power generation, powering everything from forklifts and data centers to cell phone towers and corporate facilities.
So what's holding fuel cells back from claiming a bigger chunk of the market?
Washington State University researchers have developed the first fuel cell that can directly convert fuels, such as jet fuel or gasoline, to electricity, providing a dramatically more energy-efficient way to create electric power for planes or cars.
"The ability to operate fuel cells with fuels ranging from fossil fuels, through biomass-based fuels to renewable sources means that they could support all steps in the transition to a hydrogen economy based predominantly on renewable energy sources".
Retired from the US Central Intelligence Agency, science and technology policy analyst Behling investigates why the fuel cell, over 170 after it was invented, is still not a commercial product in wide use.
The technology works by placing a solid carbon-based fuel, or biomass fuel, in the fuel chamber of the fuel cell. The cooking fire supplies the heat needed for the fuel cell to heat up to the operating temperatures.
The two investments come from the Carbon Trust's Polymer Fuel Cells Challenge (PFCC) which was launched in 2009 to support the Department for Energy and Climate Change's objectives to develop lower cost fuel cells.
More than 1,000 fuel cells have been deployed under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, announces the Energy Department.
Beginning with the air-cooled fuel cell system, Suzuki and IE, through SMILE FC, will work on developing mass-production technology and manufacturing of fuel cells, as well as enter the global supply chain of fuel cell parts, and promote fuel cell vehicles.
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