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a colorless or pale brown mica with potassium

a resident of Moscow

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- extensions of previous drill holes such as MK-08-06 which intercepted 57 meters of alteration and quartz veining, with fuchsite (green mica), hosted in felsic volcanics (rhyolites) in an area of anomalous gold surface samples and a chargeability high.
Mica sheets and the presence of fuchsite are characteristic of some of these zones, in addition to large, oriented crystals of microcline.
Funerary mask, Guatemala, fuchsite inlaid with shell, colored with cinnabar (c.
The zone is associated with alteration varying from several metres to greater than ten metres in width, exhibiting variable carbonatization, fuchsite, silicification, crosscut by a network of white quartz and brown tourmaline stockwork veins and breccias.