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Canadian literary critic interested in the use of myth and symbolism (1912-1991)

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For Don Quixote as an ironic novel, and Don Quixote and Sancho Panza as alazon and eiron, see Frye, Northrop 153, Shroder 298, and Nnolim 184.
Frye, Northrop. Words with Power: Being a Second Study of The Bible and Literature.
Frye, Northrop. Fearful Symmetry: A Study off William Blake.
Frye, Northrop. The Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays.
Frye, Northrop. The Critical Path: An Essay on the Social Context of Literary Criticism.
Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays Work of literary criticism by Frye, Northrop, published in 1957 and generally considered the author's most important work.