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As for inevitable comparisons between Fry and Oskar Schindler, Chetwynd points out that Schindler "was a war profiteer and exploiter of slave labour.
As for Fry, perhaps leaders of the mainline Protestant churches might credit her claim to be a Christian.
In Marseille Fry opened the Centre Americain de Secours (The American Relief Center) which provided legal cover for his underground operations.
Measure the grease stain left by each fry on the napkin.
Judging from their latest books--two markedly different memoirs that arrive on our shores at, the same rime--actors Stephen Fry and Simon Callow are no exception to Britannia's rule.
All of that hard work has put ANI Networks in a fantastic position to make a significant impact on the telecommunications landscape in 2007 and beyond," said Gary Fry regarding his recent appointment.
That's because you inject marinade into the turkey before you fry it, which keeps it moist.
On Wednesday, use National French Fry Day as an excuse to eat.
Still, Fry has been busier as a writer than as a performer, penning countless articles and scripts, a memoir, and four novels.
In addition, the Signature Marinades are actually marinated, which helps the flavor penetrate the entire fry.
Fry's Electronics stores and its online counterpart, Frys.
They also determined the optimal fatty acid composition to achieve a balance between desirable fried-food intensity, the storage stability of fried food and the extended fry life of the oil.
The 30-quart insulated cooking pot can fry up to a 14-pound turkey, and the pot includes a perforated catch basket with a drip clip and a lifting hook that makes lowering and removing the basket more safe.
With very low linolenic acid, the new generation soybeans don't require trans fat producing hydrogenation yet still yield a frying oil with a taste profile and long fry life consistent with partially hydrogenated oils.