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Why did you leave the steak to fry, and the ale to run, and then spoil all the meal?
I must see who dares to fry fish on my private property.
Well, we'll shew you how to fry fish, and make chowder.
As the young fry of clerks looked at this man playing bowls in the gardens of the ministry with the minister's children, they cracked their brains to guess the secret of his influence and the nature of his services; while, on the other hand, the aristocrats in all the various ministries looked upon him as a dangerous Mephistopheles, courted him, and gave him back with usury the flatteries he bestowed in the higher sphere.
The order he keeps is scandalous, that's what, and he neglects the young fry and puts all his time on those big scholars he's getting ready for Queen's.
Anyhow," said Uncle Roger, "that red silk dress will break the hearts of all the feminine small fry at the party.
A dim light in the kitchen window betokened that Aunt Janet had no idea of going to bed until all her young fry were safely housed for the night.
But Diana and her small fry, the Echo Lodge people and the Allans, had stayed to help the two old ladies over the loneliness of the first evening; and they contrived to have a quietly pleasant little supper time, sitting long around the table and chatting over all the details of the day.
So while she greases her frying-pan, and gets ready to fry something for him, she tells him how she sold her hemp, and gabbles away as females do, but not a word does she say about the pigs, nor about the gentleman who was murdered and robbed and eaten.
It takes just 48 minutes to fry a 12-pound turkey in peanut oil, compared to more than three hours to roast a turkey the traditional way," says Cajun Chef Pat Mould, owner of Louisiana Culinary Enterprises and author of Recipes from a Chef.
We would like to congratulate Fry's clients and all of MICROS-Retail's clients on a successful Cyber Monday and look forward to supporting their continued growth through the 2009 holiday season," said Rudy Pataro, president of Fry, Inc.
Still, Fry has been busier as a writer than as a performer, penning countless articles and scripts, a memoir, and four novels.
In addition, the Signature Marinades are actually marinated, which helps the flavor penetrate the entire fry.
We are pleased that our software will now be available through Fry's Electronics and Frys.
Fry was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its Q1 '09, Forrester Wave report, B2C eCommerce Platform Solutions.