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tree bearing edible fruit

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The fruit trees, far enough away from the wall to be beyond the reach of its cold shade, were tossing their flower-laden heads in the sunshine in a carelessly well-satisfied fashion that filled my heart with envy.
But Ahab's glance was averted; like a blighted fruit tree he shook, and cast his last, cindered apple to the soil.
At length the fruit tree consisted in tiny plant men, such as we now see reproduced in such huge dimensions in the Valley Dor, but still hanging to the limbs and branches of the tree by the stems which grew from the tops of their heads.
He led them inside the gate, to the fruit tree that had first attracted Saxon's attention.
24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Nearly 30 land-grant institutions, representative of the Western, North Central, Southern, and Northeastern regions, are working together to increase the productivity of temperate-zone fruit trees by developing better rootstocks.
A fire that broke out on Tuesday lunchtime in the mountainous area of Saittas burned 2,000 square metres of fruit trees and wild shrub, the forestry department said.
TIMERGARA -- An activist of JamaatiIslami at Asbanrr Dir Lower on Sunday distributed fruit trees among people of the area in connection with charity for his late father, residents told this reporter.
In "Grow a Little Fruit Tree: Simple Pruning Techniques for Small-Space, Easy-Harvest Fruit Trees", author Ann Ralph draws upon her twenty years of experience and expertise growing fruit trees and teaching pruning classes in the San Francisco Bay Area to present a profusely illustrated and user friendly 168 page instruction manual that will allow even the most novice fruit tree grower to be successful in properly maintaining both in size and quality of production their own fruit trees.
One general rule that gardeners follow is that after the middle of February is the time to begin winter pruning of fruit trees and shrubs.
The Department of Agricultural Affairs at the Ministry of Environment (MoE) yesterday launched a training workshop on the grafting of fruit trees and vegetables.
MINIATURE PATIO FRUIT TREES Why not try growing fruit, it's easy
GROW YOUR OWN FRUIT - SAVE PS35 MINI FRUIT TREE COLLECTION You won't need an orchard for these dwarf fruit trees
The remaining forest cover are operated at the top of the hills secondary forests, relict of highly fragmented forests, shade coffee, fruit trees and reforestation with teak.
No garden is complete without at least a couple of fruit trees.
Myton Park Primary School in Ingleby Barwick successfully "crowd funded" PS70 to buy five fruit trees.