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Synonyms for frowzy

smelling of mildew or decay

Synonyms for frowzy

negligent of neatness especially in dress and person

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In damp weather, the place is rendered close, by the steams of moist acts of parliament and frouzy petitions; general postmen grow faint as they enter its infected limits, and shabby figures in quest of franks, flit restlessly to and fro like the troubled ghosts of Complete Letter-writers departed.
A frouzy mourning of soot and smoke attired this forlorn creation of Barnard, and it had strewn ashes on its head, and was undergoing penance and humiliation as a mere dust-hole.
We double back to Penkridge, where the "frouzy" teashop where Orwell fled the weather is now a bakery.
We are too much afraid of profaning the name of 'learning' by making it easy and pleasant; we have certain theories about 'hard work,' which bind us to certain mouldy old scholastic fetishes that oppress the child-life, and make the class-room with its dim walls and frouzy windows, still more gloomy.
In actuality, however, the dirty good old times (which Marian signifies through "fatiguing antique chairs, and dismal stained glass, and musty, frouzy hangings, and all the barbarous lumber which people born without a sense of comfort accumulate about them" [p.