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destruction of tissue by freezing and characterized by tingling, blistering and possibly gangrene

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And they were delayed for a further 24 hours while they waited for help for Phil, who had to be flown to hospital so his frost bite could be treated.
Department of Agriculture (DA) Cordillera Information Officer Robert Domoguen said frost bite happens when the temperature drops, particularly in the early morning, causing ice particles to form on the plants.
We all know that cold weather can be hazardous, and brings with it the risk of frost bite and hypothermia.
The horses continuously walking in snow bound areas get frost bite. In the present study, 8.98% animals out of which 75.0% males and 25.0% females in age group of 2 to 3 years suffered with frost bite (Fig.
I don't think we'd be seeing him if he had got frost bite.
FROST BITE Thomas Kingston and his snowman in County Durham
On a couple occasions after being near you I was actually worried that I had frost bite. I'm not ready to lose a finger or toe.
Due to this, frost bite persisted in the region up till March.
In the Gobi desert I got frost bite on my fingers, but I will always remember that I don't class it as one of the lowest points.
Then, on his way down Everest after reaching the summit on May 25, he contracted serious frost bite in his big toe.
On his way down Everest after reaching the summit on May 25, Parks contracted serious frost bite in his big toe.
Indeed, it appears that some of his successful convictions over the past six years (deemed Operation Freezer Burn and Operation Frost Bite) broke open the Rusty Anchor case.
And there's a part of me that is hopelessly sad at the idea that our Christmas morning will never again begin with a shriek of 'he's been.' Maybe frost bite in Huyton wasn't so bad after all.
Since the drought and frost bite had no pernicious effect on vegetables and summer crops, the export of the products increased in the current year, he said adding that it is predicted the export of vegetables will increase in the last year due to certain transportation plans.
In Iraq and Afghanistan, heat stroke and frost bite are real dangers.