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"I was on patrol in the foothills of the Carneddau when I came across the frog spawn at an altitude of roughly 2,700ft," said Alan.
THE days are getting longer, the daffodils and snowdrops are beginning to bloom and frog spawn is appearing in our garden ponds.
In this project, performed at the Interuniversity College for Health and Development in Graz, Austria, lowland frog spawn were exposed to thyroxine potentised to 30C to determine the effect, if any, of this remedy on the development of the spawn into two- and then four- legged frogs, when compared to controls.
As the spring heats up and you can see the frog spawn in the water - it has arrived l thi l early this year - people start to think about ponds.
Tyler (1976, 1994) states that there are relatively few predators of frog spawn and that 'fish probably constitute the major predator.
Top of the list is tapioca, a vile concoction made from frog spawn and probably illegal nowadays.
Every season was represented by our offerings and we all knew where to find birds' nests and frog spawn.
"WHAT," asked faithful retainer Clements who tends the manicured gardens at Chateau Lockley, "do you want me to do with that there frog spawn?" I cast a glance at the jelly, shimmering on the pond's still water - a sure sign spring has been sprung.
School summer holidays lasted forever and were spent almost entirely outside the home, scooping frog spawn from ponds or just running through the fields now lost beneath housing estates.
POND LOVERS need to clear out any debris before the place gets filled with frog spawn.
Tangled ribbons of toad spawn and clumps of frog spawn had been produced and the constant battles over females provided David Attenborough-style entertainment.
1989: The Warwick Conservation Trust set up a frog spawn 'Swap Shop'
Honeycomb, flies' eyes, frog spawn, cuckoo-spit -- choose your organic simile.
The children looked after some frog spawn and watched closely as they turned into frogs.
We had some frog spawn in the classroom and watched it turn into frogs.