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Having written extensively about Erasmus of Rotterdam, Sebastiani here turns to his printer, Froben, a pivotal figure in the history of books and printing and in the spread of Humanism, but whose life has hithertofore not attracted the sustained attention of scholars.
(102) Amerbach, along with fellow Basel printers Johann Petri and Johann Froben, worked closely with Anton Koberger of Nuremberg, whose business acumen made him the biggest printer in Germany until he turned to focusing his energies on publishing.
Johann Froben, the great Basel printer who was Erasmus' chief publisher for much of his life, brought out the first printed ibbur in 1527.
1547) (31), tambien se encuentra la Vulgata de Jean Baptiste Du-Hamel (1624-1706) (32), asi como las que incluyen la version concordada de Francesco Luca (1551-1619) (33), los 19 volumenes de la Biblia maxima de Jean de La Haye (OFM, 15 9 3-1661) (34), la edicion impresa por Johann Froben (ca.
If turns out that, rather than a mere "project," the edition of the Talmud referred to in Tremellius' letter is the "thoroughly butchered" one published in Basel by Ambrosius Froben in 1578-80.
It was not until 1528 that Simon de Colines cut a Chancery-style italic following a model used by Froben in Basle.
Although chapter 2, "The Books of Martyrs in the printing house," begins with Foxe's continental education as a Marian exile, specifically, his association with two humanist printer-publishers, Wendelin Rihel in Strasbourg and Hieronymus Froben in Basel, its true protagonist is John Day whose technological and financial acumen saw the first four editions of the Book of Martyrs (1563, 1570, 1576, 1583) through the press and set new standards for the London printing trade.
Agricola: 1546, De Natura Fossilium (Georgius Agricola, first edition 1546, second Latin edition 1558), 183-200 (book II) and 372-374 (book X), Froben, Basel.
Ioannis Chrysostomi (Basel: Froben and Episcopius, 1548).
The first paper, by Hirstein, explores in close detail the even earlier web of relationships inhabited by Capito in the world of Basel humanist printing around Froben, in association with Beatus Rhenanus, in particular, and his slow emergence as a learned patron of humanist reform in the church.
Margolin, Paper Bullets (New York: Froben Press, 1946), 31.