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Synonyms for frizz

the condition of being formed into small tight curls

Related Words

curl tightly

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Morales, K., Sanhueza, S., Friz, M., & Riquelme, P.
Friz was then taken into custody on preliminary charges of neglect.
Friz's treatise on tragedies takes the form of a letter to an unknown addressee, which allows him to react to common ideas about the Jesuit stage and to develop his own ideas.
Tjoelker, Nienke, Andreas Friz's Letter on Tragedies (ca.
The text begins with the authorAEs introduction on Jesuit theatre, poetics, and Andreas Friz, includes the Latin text of the original letter and a translation, and concludes with a Friz analyses of RacineAEs plays in the original Latin and translated.
Washington, April 1 ( ANI ): MGM will be making a new 'Pink Panther' movie, a live-action/animated fusion, which will have the essence of the original cartoons by Friz Freleng and David De Patie, along with Blake Edwards' films.
The governor, Ziyad Friz, said that following the plan would ensure the growth of the economy and keep the budget deficit under control.
Cartoon Carnival: "An Interview with Friz Freleng" (born August 21, 1905)
Whereas so much CG animation loses sight of--or rejects--its connection to the classic hand-drawn cartoon tradition, the Illumination Mac Guff-made Despicable Me franchise fully embraces the loony design, zany humor and impossible physics pioneered by Hanna-Barbera, Friz Freleng and Chuck Jones.
Although the findings of some of these studies are promising, it is difficult to ascertain the effectiveness of existential therapy as a standalone approach as it has been lumped together with the broader range of experiential and/or humanistic therapies (e.g., Carl Rogers's person-centered or client-centered therapy and Friz Perls's Gestalt therapy).