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a native or inhabitant of Friesland or Frisia

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a West Germanic language spoken in Friesland in the northwestern Netherlands

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Oppositely, the North Frisian contributor expresses the impossibility of translating Shakespeare neither with elevated, nor pompous nor archaic interpretations since there is no such North Frisian.
Bush and the rest of the 122nd EFS are participating in Frisian Flag 2017, one of the largest live-fly fighter exercises in Europe.
Effect of genetics and environmental factors on lactation components in Holstein Frisian cattle at government dairy farm Quetta.
the formation made a right turn and minutes later, the planes made landfall over Langeoog, one of the eastern Frisian Islands.
Other questions asked by Ms Evans relate to the Basque Country, a Portuguese quarry, Eritrean refugees in Sinai, financial support to Frisian language theatre, the regeneration of Portman Bay in Murcia, Spain, and a German bank.
Based in Jakarta, Magnivate employs 95 people and provides digital strategy, social media communications strategy, rich media, online advertising, search marketing and e-marketing to clients such as Danone, Frisian Flag, Samsung and Unilever.
Among the topics are improving water management in two polders in the Red River Delta in Vietnam, developing and applying a landscape design method in the Frisian Lakes area, implementing adaptive collaboration forest management in Zimbabwe, and two spatial planning cases illustrating reflexivity in action research.
One of the West Frisian Islands, a large portion of Terschelling is a nature reserve with the goal of becoming CO2 neutral.
Well, in addition to the meanings of both "cup" and "head," Modern Frisian kop also has the sense of "blister, bubble, pock," and so it's no great leap--at least from Frisian--to the sting of a poisonous spider.
Situated in Schortens, a Frisian town in northern Germany near Wilhelmshaven, the Nordfrost Group is the creation of Horst Bartels, who established the business in 1975 to store skimmed milk powder in rented warehouses.
FrieslandCampina ME is part of Royal FrieslandCampina, which develops, produces and sells branded dairy products and fruit-based drinks such as Frisian Flag, Peak, Friso, and Fristi around the world.
FROM AFAR, IT'S AS IF A SWARM OF BUTTER-flies has swooped down and landed on the dazzlingly vast stretch of mudflats of the Noordvaarder, situated at the western point of Terschelling, an elongated Frisian island off Holland's north coast.
with brand of Susu Ultra, PT Frisian Flag Indonesia with brand of Susu Bendera, PT Sari Husada Tbk.
ARRIVALS Today: Sarpen, Tranmere; Rodlo, Mo I Rana; Yara Gas II, Sluiskil; Frisian Trader, South Shields; City of Lutece, Le Havre.