Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller

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German romantic writer (1759-1805)


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The research group of Georg Pohnert, who is Professor of Instrumental Analytics/Bioorganic Analytics at Friedrich Schiller University and head of the Max Planck Fellow Group at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, wanted to know whether the tiny organisms are able to make decisions about what they needed more urgently: food or sexual mates.
This volume presents 13 papers based for the most part on lectures at a July 2010 colloquium at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany, which gathered researchers interested in various aspects of grammatical gender and number in Proto-Indo-European languages and some daughter languages.
Katara, the Cultural Village will present from today the critically acclaimed and award nominated play, Mary Stuart by Friedrich Schiller, which depicts the last days of Mary Queen of Scots.
It is also not known at this time whether either Schiller is related to German Romantic poet Friedrich Schiller; French journalist Armand Schiller; German-English philosopher Ferdinand Canning Scott Schiller; German astronomer Julius Schiller; the Lower East Side's Schiller's Liquor Bar; Monsey, New York, Hasdic rabbi Mayer Schiller; Emmy Award-winning director Lawrence Schiller; or indeed any other Schiller.
This week's new production was Mary Stuart, Donizetti's take - based on a play by Friedrich Schiller - of the relationship between Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots (the Stuart of the title).
La tragedia como conjuro: el problema de lo sublime en Friedrich Schiller. Bogota: Universidad de los Andes-Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Editors Fluhr and Elsner (dermatology, Friedrich Schiller U., Germany) and 20 researchers offer a collection of seven authoritative papers in a comprehensive overview of recent research findings on tissue engineering of the skin.
Terry Hands' latest production at Mold is of a new version, by Mike Poulton, of Friedrich Schiller's 200-year-old masterpiece Mary Stuart, and it does not disappoint.
Nederlander/Chase Mishkin presentation of the Donmar Warehouse production of a play in two acts by Friedrich Schiller in a new version by Peter Oswald.
The bicentennial biographies, most notably Rudiger Safranski's best-selling Friedrich Schiller oder die Erfindung des deutschen Idealismus (Munich: Hanser, 2004), and the excitement surrounding London productions of Maria Stuart and Don Carlos demonstrate that interest in Schiller was confined neither to the academy nor to Germanophone lands.
Hoevels was taking part in Mary Stuart, a play about the tragic queen written by German writer Friedrich Schiller.
From the play by Friedrich Schiller on which the great Verdi opera Don Carlos is based, I would like to be Rodrigo, the Marquis of Posa.
Hart presents Friedrich Schiller: Crime, Aesthetics, and the Poetics of Punishment, a scholarly exploration of eighteenth-century writer, dramatist, and philosopher Friedrich Schiller's views upon punishment to crime, whether as state-sponsored retribution or simply as a means to prevent the criminal from repeating his offenses.
Address for correspondence: Roland Zell, Institute of Virology and Antiviral Therapy, Medical Centre at the Friedrich Schiller University, Hans Knoell Str 2, D-07745 Jena, Germany; email: