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pregnancy test that involves injecting some of the woman's urine into an unmated female rabbit and later examining the ovaries of the rabbit


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Differences in preoperative, early postoperative (7 days postsurgery), and late postoperative (30 days postsurgery) testicular volume and blood flow of each testicle were compared using the Friedman test and P<0.
According to the non-parametric Friedman test for repeated measures, there are statistically significant differences between the evening oxygen saturation measured at the three intervals, for at least one of the three pairs possible, p=0.
So, the mean ranks and Friedman test concerning VR are displayed in table 1.
Using the p-values from Friedman test and Wilcoxon signed rank test for subcategory scores on the APRN EVAL Tool, the findings demonstrate that subjects showed statistically significant improvement in all six categories on the tool between Test 1 and Test 4.
Table 4: Friedman test results for prioritizing the indexes of quality of health variable Test Statistics (a) N 115 Chi-Square 35.
Means of attracted psyllid proportions among different conditions (detached shoots or color boards) either at the same time and at different hours were compared using Tukey's Honest Significance Difference (HSD) test or the Friedman test (P < 0.
Therefore, a Friedman test (Gravetter and Wallnau 2008) was conducted to evaluate preference between the machines as a nonparametric alternative to the more traditional analysis of variance test.
Using the Friedman test it was demonstrated that there was no within group effect for static sway AoE during the vestibular task for the professional dancers (p = 0.
The nonparametric Friedman test for repeated measures ANOVA showed these differences to be statistically significant (p = 0.
The Friedman test was used to compare pain severity between the three menstrual cycles.
Both the initial repeated-measures ANOVA and the nonparametric Friedman test showed an effect of mound height but no effect of the factor substrate type on abalone survival.
If there is a matching of samples across groups, a Friedman test can be used.
Friedman test showed that any two of the four examination marks (i.