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United States economist noted as a proponent of monetarism and for his opposition to government intervention in the economy (born in 1912)

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Founded in 1947 and based in Westbury, NY, Friedman and Friedman provides home and auto coverage, personal excess, boat/yacht insurance, and valuable collection insurance.
He was born in Worcester the son of Joseph and Ida Friedman and graduated Classical High School class of 1938.
Wolitzer has several theories, including Roth's heroic sheer output as well as his political awareness, and including also the stigma that no doubt attaches to Friedman in literary circles over the perception (or reality) that he "went Hollywood.
It is an honor to be named as one of Builders Mutual Top Ten," says Neil Friedman, owner of Friedman Associates, located in Virginia Beach, VA.
Friedman said she hopes this focus on twins will bring out the deeper issues confronting twins -- issues that often are glossed over.
Writing in The Washington Post, the journalist Bernard Nossiter claimed Friedman won only because the Nobel in economics, rather than being one of the original prizes established in Alfred Nobel's will, was a later addition financed by the Swedish Central Bank--and central banks, he declared, adored Friedman.
Friedman hopes to attract stores to support the new condominium owners and to draw in visitors.
But Friedman continued his research after the book came out, and saw enough hope for the future that he expanded the original volume (to "version 2.
Americans, Friedman argues, cannot assume that we will maintain our comfortable lifestyle while standing still.
Friedman do their part and birth a billion American children.
Moving to Arizona was not a matter of economic opportunity for Abe Friedman.
Lebhar-Friedman president/ceo Roger Friedman said the purchase of Dowden "brings us closer to those goals (diversification of revenue streams and increased opportunities) by providing deeper access to the rapidly growing healthcare market, a market with which we are already familiar through our Drug Store News products.
DANCE MAGAZINE talked to top commercial choreographers Brian Friedman and Wade Robson to find out what it takes to become a hip-hop pro.
The deployment of both feminist and performance theoretical perspectives, however, helps Friedman propose some original staging ideas useful for interpretive innovation--and vice versa.
The cocaine and prostitution scandal surrounding Germany's disgraced TV talkmeister and Jewish leader, Michel Friedman, ended last week as he broke weeks of silence, stepped down from his official posts and was fined for drug possession.