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United States industrialist who amassed a fortune in the steel industry (1849-1919)

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Liechtenstein-based Bank Frick has said that it is to allow trading of crypto currencies.
0% additional interest in Liechtenstein-based licensed financial institution Bank Frick and Co.
Alimder has been with Nordax since 2006 in various roles and has been marketing director since 2014, while Frick has been with Nordax since 2012 and has also been HR Director since 2012.
Frick noted that editors may be involved in various "levels of edit," which depend on the description of their assigned role (eg, substantive content editing or basic proofreading).
But National League president Ford Frick confronted the ringleaders and forced them to back down.
OCLC appointed Rachel Frick as executive director of the OCLC Research Library Partnership.
CommutAir has named Sean Frick as its new chief financial officer, responsible for all finance, accounting, treasury and control functions, the company said.
Frick, a former archivist turned academic, is likewise well positioned to delve into the interconnections of practical archival work and film scholarship.
This building soon became the Frick Museum, and is an excellent example of an institution which has helped preserve New York's history throughout the years.
Reynolds's notion of a "mixed" text (one that articulates contradictory messages and ideological tendencies), Frick shows how the success of Uncle Tom s Cabin "on both page and stage" (18) derived from its investment in such popular entertainments as minstrelsy (the legendary T.
by officers Michael Frick and Jeffrey O'Toole and charged with domestic assault and battery, intimidation of a witness, assault and battery on a person over 60 and being a fugitive from justice.
Exhibitions at The Frick Collection in New York may be consistently small, but they are always choice and never disappoint.
4)--a panel acquired in 1936 by the Frick Collection in New York--proposing that it had once formed part of an altarpiece at the church of Sant'Agostino in the artist's hometown of Borgo San Sepolcro (now Sansepolcro) in Tuscany.
This week, it's that of Whitney Frick and Andrew Bernstein, married Saturday night by a rabbi along with the bride's mother, a judge.
Natural ice cut horn ponds was hard to get and difficult to store, and while some beer makers installed complicated refrigeration equipment imported from Europe, it inevitably broke down, and Frick Co.