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(Norse mythology) god of earth's fertility and peace and prosperity


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Freyr has concluded the survey of the allotted sites.
What we found highly commendable about Freyr is its capability to offer a panacea to the small, mid-sized and large bio-pharma companies for all the regulatory requirements, covering the entire regulatory value chain.
THINK TANKICELAND coaches Lars Lagerback, from left, Heimir Hallgrimsson and Freyr Alexandersson talk tactics
Padre de Freyr y Freyja, hijos de su matrimonio con la gigante Skadi; gobierna los vientos, el mar, el fuego y ayuda a los pescadores; pertenece a la familia de los Vanes; despues de la guerra con los Aesir, fue enviado a Asgard junto con su hijo Freyr y con Kvasir.
Success, says distributor Freyr Thor, of Vanguard Cinema, is still possible.
Meunier afirma: "su supremacia se extendio primeramente por Alemania, de aqui los anglosajones lo llevaron consigo a Gran Bretana, de donde su culto paso a Escandinavia, suplanto en Noruega al antiguo culto de Tor, se mezclo en Suecia con el culto a Freyr, y senaladamente en los palacios reales, como dios de la guerra y de la victoria, este dios extranjero escalo el puesto de rey de los dioses" (2006:61).
1] Freyr Hardarson (2002) "Stability analysis and synthesis of statically balanced walking for quadruped robots" Doctoral Thesis, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH S-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
Here is a phallic sculpture recently found in Arras, ascribed to the late fourth century and interpreted as Nordic Freyr (Aillagon 2008: 222).
The company publicized its show at MIP-TV by passing out Iceland-bottled water, which Agust Freyr Ingason, executive vice president of LazyTown, explained was "in line with the show's general theme of [anti-laziness, and] physical activity.
Friday honors Freyr and Freyja, children of Njord, the Teutonic gods of the oceans.
Las probadas artes de Vanguard en la compra y distribucion en Estados Unidos junto con la capacidad adquisitiva a nivel internacional de Condor Media resultan ser un complemento perfecto, segun Freyr Thor, jefe ejecutivo de Vanguard.
Freyja and Freyr are the two principal representatives of the deities connected with the life and death contained in the earth, the Vanir.
Asked by his servant Skirnir why he was looking so lonely and so depressed, God Freyr confided to him that he had fallen in love at the sight of Gerpr, daughter of the giant and enemy Gymer.
Most renowned of the goddesses of Norse mythology, the sister and female counterpart of Freyr.