Freudian slip

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a slip-up that (according to Sigmund Freud) results from the operation of unconscious wishes or conflicts and can reveal unconscious processes in normal healthy individuals

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"That was a Freudian slip," he said, turning back to California.
Editor's Note: Maybe that was a Freudian slip for wanting to see Jupiter 3,600 times closer up!
Whoa, now there's a Freudian slip. I do apologise."
Then I said I hope it's not a Freudian slip. Well, that was a joke on top of a joke.
Freudian Slip, a boutique selling lingerie and loungewear, moved from its longtime location on Pearl Street to the market.
The apparent Freudian slip ricocheted through the media within hours, and most appear convinced that the royal couple are having a girl.
However, I believe that it was more of a Freudian slip, revealing more than it conceals about the truth of the picture that the Palestinian president wanted to portray as taking place in the land of the Nile, after the fall of the regime of Hosni Mubarak.
The slurs continued when Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, made what many saw as a Freudian slip i n a speech at a fundraiser at Iowa.
This leads me to today's little chat, which began as a Freudian slip by a resident.
It sounds as though she either knew what she was doing and wanted the members to read between the lines, or she had a Freudian slip because deep down most of us know that this law is fundamentally changing health care in the United States, and it is based on politics only.
I know what a Freudian slip is: it's when you say one thing but mean your mother.
It may all depend on whether Lib Dem MP's find the courage to squeak (no it's not a Freudian slip).
But I can't help but think it was a Freudian slip on his part, a peek into our hardening, uncompassionate future, a realization of how the fight against illegal immigrants could easily slip into a fight against noncitizens, and then into a fight for a favored grouping of citizens.