Fresnel lens

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lens composed of a number of small lenses arranged to make a lightweight lens of large diameter and short focal length

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High refractive index Fresnel lens on a fiber fabricated by nanoimprint lithography for immersion applications," Optics Letters, Optical Society of America, 2016.
In another example of how a package's decoration may affect sales, Sensodyne toothpaste created new cartons featuring WFT's Fresnel Lens film, and the brand moved up from the second best-selling brand for sensitive teeth to the top seller in Europe, according to Petersen.
One low-cost solution uses a Fresnel lens with a narrow vertical-detection area that detects tall moving objects (humans).
The first Fresnel lens was installed in the Cordouan Lighthouse in France in 1823.
On the contrary, if the Fresnel lens or reflector works with similar efficiency with respect to different lines of sight, the use of several feeders allows several foveas to be considered and consequently increasing the field of view or improving the image resolution.
It does this with a low-cost, arch-shaped, acrylic, flexible Fresnel lens that helps minimize solar cell area, mass, and cost.
The new entity, dubbed Reflexite Soitec Optical Technology LLC, will make the silicone-on-glass (SOG) Fresnel lens plates used in Soitec's concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) module.
Designed for permanent mounting, the Model LEDB-4 provides 360deg visibility with 18 integrated LEDs and impact-resistant Fresnel lens.
Established in 1879, the light was first lit in the same year with a Fourth Order Fresnel lens (see box, "Lighting the Lights"), damaged in 1928 in an explosion and replaced with another Fourth Order Fresnel lens manufactured in 1891.
In addition, the pilot stated that his carrier landing technique was to use his Automated Carrier Landing System (ACLS) needles as his primary reference and use the Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System, or meatball, as a backup for glide slope information.
With 168 LEDs, each capped with a specially designed Fresnel lens, the PowerLED 700 HD produces a consistent and homogenous patch.
Through partnering with eSolar, Ferrostaal now adds solar power tower technology to its current concentrating solar thermal portfolio, which includes parabolic trough and Fresnel lens.
The design, by consultancy Webb deVlam, uses a Fresnel lens to give the illusion of large embossed bubbles on the carton without affecting the dimensions of the pack.
The best performing concentrators were the 46 cm acrylic Fresnel lens and thin-film parabolic reflector, having concentration ratios of 92 and 58, respectively.
Judging that the student was reacting well to his instructions and using the Fresnel lens cut-and-wave-off lights as a backup, Lt.