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someone who teaches French

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Shortly after the French teachers had sat in the car, the guard came in front of the vehicle and started clicking photos using his phone.
Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf, Llandaf North, Cardiff, where Lowri Gruffydd was a French teacher RICHARD SWINGLER
TEHRAN (FNA)- A French teacher from Florida has been suspended only for five days, after she called her 14-year-old Muslim student a terrorist, media report said.
I HAVE this new French teacher and I think I've fallen for him.
The culmination of this week's episode finds the desperately uncool Mr Church and the not-as-cool-as-she-pretends French teacher Miss Postern perched cosily together on her sofa on a Saturday night watching Strictly.
She's Miss Postern, a glam French teacher winning the heart of loser Mr Church (David Walliams, crazy hair).
In addition to the several congratulatory comments left on the websites and Facebook pages of The Banner and The Item, which covers his hometown of Clinton, there were quite a few words that referenced his duties as a French teacher.
French teacher and former serviceman Charles Drax will be joined by deputy headmaster Graeme Hallam, director of sport Lee Hogarth and headmaster David Tickner, all in their 40s.
It is set in a secondary school and Catherine, 44, will play a French teacher caught in a love triangle with two colleagues.
Paris, Mar 24 ( ANI ): A French teacher has reportedly been suspended for allegedly asking students to observe one-minute silence for suspected Al-Qaeda-trained killer Mohamed Merah, who was recently shot dead by police.
Il ne travaille pas I know a good French teacher if Robert Winston wants one.
Holyhead School French teacher Lorna Diprose said: "The International Family of Friendship project embraces the ideals of the Olympic Games through cultural and social media and promises to be really exciting as it progresses.
An acclaimed documentary about former Bala French teacher Frank Letch, who was born without arms, is shown tonight.
Casandra Kamens, who has worked at North as a French teacher, teacher leader, small-school change coordinator, freshman specialist and student retention team member, will be principal at the School of Invention, Design, Engineering, Art & Science.
Teacher 3 noted that her colleague French teacher speaks purely in French to the children, 'so in terms of 'additive' the children are getting extra language and extra vocab that they wouldn't have normally had .