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sweet filled pastry made of especially puff paste

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Three of the restaurants a French pastry cafe, a German beer garden, and an Italian restaurant were inaugurated in May.
Cannelle, which has been operating for over 20 years, also caters to the French pastry traditionalists, but with an eye on particular Lebanese tastes.
For those who don't know much about the French language this book could be quite useful as an inexpensive French pastry cookbook.
For dessert, pastry chef /instructor Paul Gosselin and his students created assorted French pastries consisting of chocolate hazelnut French pastry slice, raspberry stencil slice, fresh fruit tarts, cinnamon apple croissants, pecan rolls and tri-nut diamonds.
La Varenne's cookery; the French cook, the French pastry chef, the French confectioner.
On February 29th, Wegmans opened a new 130,000-square-foot store in Northern Virginia that offers a food selection featuring up to 700 different varieties of fresh produce daily, an authentic French pastry shop, 400 specialty cheeses, and fresh seafood.
Mike Ebert, executive vice president, Coffee Masters, led the coffee tasting educational program during a joint dessert/coffee tasting held recently at the French Pastry School in Chicago.
Chicago's French Pastry School donates classroom fare to local charity events and fundraisers for underprivileged groups.
And Francuba, a French-Cuban joint venture that makes pastries and breads more than 30 restaurants, some hotels in Havana and 10 "Pain de Paris" French pastry shops, provides the baked goods.
The laminating line produces the Scotch or French pastry in blocks and ready-pinned rolls.
Braque also challenges the textbook polarity between the French pastry chef and the Spanish tragedian of life, love, and death; for the claustrophobic and at times overtly lethal mood of Picasso's work during the war years is often shared by his old Cubist friend who, one world war earlier, had presumably gone off on what was to be a totally Gallic track.
Tarts packs in 100 recipes for sweet and savory tarts and provides techniques and tips from French pastry chefs as it explores a range of dough recipes and filling options.