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a stitch made by looping the thread several times around the needle before inserting it into the fabric

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"The French knot is my favorite embroidery stitch,'' she said, explaining the name of her business.
I demonstrated each of the following stitches: straight or running stitch, backward, chain, cross, blanket (a good border or edge stitch), satin or filler stitch, french knot, applique and overlap stitch (also a good border stitch).
Embellishment Work lazy daisy stitches where desired in A with a French knot in B, and/or C with a French knot in A.
The designer stated that the dress took 110 embroiderers and 3,720 hours to make the hand-cute organza flowers, French knots, and layers of thread work, reported The Express Tribune .
The dress took 110 embroiderers from Kolkata and 3,720 hours to create the hand-cut organza flowers, French knots in silk floss and layers of thread work.
2 Using lazy daisy stitch and french knots, stitch motif with white floss on red C as shown.
Rawal engages embroidery and stitching techniques such as French knots, origami and pleating to name a few.
(You might think of this as embroidery's take on industrial-style furnishings, where objects previously considered to be strictly functional take on an aesthetic appeal.) Wildflowers, confetti made from French knots, a rainbow, monograms--each of these projects would make lovely small decorations and gifts for friends.
3 Embellish Template B with hand embroidery and buttons as shown or as desired, using french knots to make eyes.
Embellish (he brooch with hand-embroidered French knots, beads or sequins at the flower center.
Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson wore a white bodice silk dress that showed the beauty of hand-embellishment, with 3D bugle beads, French knots and hand-melted sequins.
For children under the age of three, you can apply French knots for eyes to make your hedgehog baby safe!
Embroideries included gota work, zardozi , Swarovski crystals and silk French knots among others.
Seven children stay to try the running stitch, the backstitch and French knots on small burlap pieces.