French Congo

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a republic in west-central Africa

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The stir was mainly due to the preface where Maran, who was a former colonial administrator in French Congo, criticized the moral constitution of the colonial officers.
He was given the name of Pierre Garnot, born in the French Congo, whose father was a Belgian.
Thursday afternoon in the first round of the NCAA Tournament at Cox Arena, Felix got as hot as the blistering summer afternoons in his native land, the French Congo.
We need to take Prouve back from the decorators and return him to the architects,' says Rubin, who initiated the rescue and restoration of two versions of the Tropical House from war-torn Brazzaville in the former French Congo.
The player admitted, however, that he is a little short of match practice, his last game being for French Congo against South Africa on September 3.
So the church and the Kongo King decided to eliminate this 23-year old woman by burning her at the stake in the city square, back in the 1600s, when the Kingdom of the Kongo included the northern region of Angola, a large portion of the former French Congo and the southern part of the former Belgian Congo, where I was born.