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Two other species were observed on large outcrops and not on small patches, but were too localized or rare to be captured in the sampling: Cupressus sargentii, endemic to riparian and other mesic areas on serpentine, and Fremontodendron californicum var.
Build up a collection of plants with structure in the back, climbing plants and something exciting like the wall shrub Fremontodendron California Glory, a Japanese maple or an interesting birch and build at the front of that with medium-sized shrubs and colour.
CA) FORESTIERA Texas Forestiera angustifolia * (TX) FREMONTIA Mexican Fremontodendron mexicanum * (CA) GRAYTWIG Schoepfia chrysophylloides (FL) GUAVA Psidium guajava # (FL, CA) GUIANA-PLUM Drypetes lateriflora (FL) HACKBERRY Lindheimer Celtis lindheimeri (TX) HAWTHORN Barberry Crataegus berberifolia * (IL, KS, TX, MS, KY, MO, LA, AR) HAWTHORN Beautiful Crataegus pulcherrima (FL) HAWTHORN Brainerd Crataegus brainerdii * (MI, OH, PA) HAWTHORN Gregg Crataegus greggiana * (TX) HAWTHORN Harbison Crataegus harbisonii * (TN, AL, MS) HAWTHORN Pensicola Crataegus lacrimata (FL) HAWTHORN Reverchon Crataegus reverchonii * (MO, KS) HAWTHORN Threeflower Crataegus triflora * (GA, AL, MS) HAWTHORN Willow Crataegus saligna * (CO) HICKORY Scrub Carya floridana (FL) HOLLY Dune Ilex opaca var.
ALSO called fremontodendron, this plant will outshine all others against a hot, sunny wall.
Fremontodendron - The bright yellow flowers of this Californian beauty are unsurpassed but it is a skin and eye irritant, so be careful when pruning.
Zones 7-9, 14-17: It's not too late to plant ceanothus, cotoneaster, Fremontodendron, manzanita, and rosemary.
Fremontodendron or the Californian glory is a fabulous choice.
My favourite yellow flower represents the Californian sun, Fremontodendron 'California Glory'.
Fremontodendron ( In terms of bright yellow colours, the flowers of this Californian beauty are unsurpassed, but it is a skin and eye irritant, so be careful when pruning.
Try Arctostaphylos, blue-eyed grass, bush anemone, Fremontodendron, Heuchera, mahonia, monkey flower, Pacific Coast iris, Penstemon heterophyllus purdyi, Salvia clevelandii, and Western columbine.
Other perfect plants are the pineapple broom (Cytisus battandieri), Fremontodendron Californian Glory, the golden bay (Laurus nobilis Aurea) and, for a golden glistening hedge, Lonicera Baggesen's Gold.
Abutilon, Actinidia, Camellia, Carpenteria, Ceanothus, Chaenomeles, Clematis, Cotoneaster, Cytisus, Eccremocarpus, Fremontodendron, Garrya, Hedera, Hoheria, Humulus, Hydrangea, Jasminum, Lathyrus, Lippia, Lonicear, Magnolia, Parthenocissus, Passiflora, Phygelius, Polygonum, Pyracantha, Ribes, Solanum, Vitis, Wisteria.
In the Schleins' yard, fremontodendron and ceanothus (California natives) pair with plants like lavender (a Mediterranean native) and red-hot poker (Kniphofia) from South Africa.