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But some plants, especially California natives such as fremontia, manzanita, and silktassel, are susceptible to soil-borne fungus disease if irrigated frequently when soil is warm.
Last July's 120-page issue of Fremontia, the society's quarterly journal, is devoted solely to oaks.
North of the border, extreme southern California is also the only place to find the first national champion desert apricot and Mexican fremontia.
CA) FORESTIERA Texas Forestiera angustifolia * (TX) FREMONTIA Mexican Fremontodendron mexicanum * (CA) GRAYTWIG Schoepfia chrysophylloides (FL) GUAVA Psidium guajava # (FL, CA) GUIANA-PLUM Drypetes lateriflora (FL) HACKBERRY Lindheimer Celtis lindheimeri (TX) HAWTHORN Barberry Crataegus berberifolia * (IL, KS, TX, MS, KY, MO, LA, AR) HAWTHORN Beautiful Crataegus pulcherrima (FL) HAWTHORN Brainerd Crataegus brainerdii * (MI, OH, PA) HAWTHORN Gregg Crataegus greggiana * (TX) HAWTHORN Harbison Crataegus harbisonii * (TN, AL, MS) HAWTHORN Pensicola Crataegus lacrimata (FL) HAWTHORN Reverchon Crataegus reverchonii * (MO, KS) HAWTHORN Threeflower Crataegus triflora * (GA, AL, MS) HAWTHORN Willow Crataegus saligna * (CO) HICKORY Scrub Carya floridana (FL) HOLLY Dune Ilex opaca var.