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Synonyms for fog

Synonyms for fog

a thick, heavy atmospheric condition offering reduced visibility because of the presence of suspended particles

Synonyms for fog

droplets of water vapor suspended in the air near the ground

an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance

confusion characterized by lack of clarity

make less visible or unclear

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Freezing fog is fog that remains liquid, but super cooled, until it lands on a surface where it freezes.
Warwick Inspection may be called as some forecasts warn of frost and freezing fog.
THERE was Christmas cheer for weary air passengers yesterday as the freezing fog finally lifted and flights started to return to normal across Britain.
And with more frost, freezing fog and chilly winds on the way this week, fears were growing for the elderly.
Among the health and safety concerns is one affecting fork lift drivers: freezing fog severely impairs visibility in the doorway vicinity.
A spokesman for theMet Officesaid: "There will be fog or freezing fog patches, which will be dense in places and become widespread and then slow to clear for some on Christmas Day.
"Perhaps another frontal system arriving during Thursday bringing a mixture of rain, sleet and snow, although cold with frost and patchy freezing fog ahead of this."
Freezing fog will also be a danger for motorists and pedestrians.
The extreme conditions are expected to last until midday today, with some patches of freezing fog overnight.
As well as heavy rain there was to be a frosty start today with any freezing fog clearing before heavy rain spreads north later.
The Met Office is warning frost, ice and freezing fog could cause transport chaos.
"The freezing fog yesterday meant temperatures on the ground stayed well below freezing.
Forecasters have said that freezing fog and strong winds will make for unpredictable conditions in coming days as the wet weather sweeps across the North East tomorrow.
Freezing fog is forecast when the region wakes up tomorrow and is likely to persist as the mercury fails to rise above zero all day.