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Synonyms for giveaway

Synonyms for giveaway

a gift of public land or resources for the private gain of a limited group

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an unintentional disclosure

a television or radio program in which contestants compete for awards

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The mill produces uncoated freesheet papers, including MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition), offset, copy paper, repositional notepad, trade book, and check paper, as well as ECF bleached kraft hardwood and softwood pulp.
The star was stunned at the mauling he got and believes the only way the SNP can get their message across fairly is by publishing their own freesheet. The Nats will not confirm that Connery is bankrolling the project - but the star is known to have plunged vast sums into the party.
Uncoated alkaline freesheet producers typically play a juggling game to maintain sheet quality, minimize furnish costs, and lower overall operating costs, while at the same time working to prevent production upsets.
PCA is the third largest producer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America.
* Perhaps the biggest development in fiber substitution is the use of GCC with starch at the size press in the manufacturing of uncoated freesheet grades ("size press filling").
Coated mechanical paper accounts for 75% of the paper grades used in the U.S., with coated freesheet grades ranking second--used mostly for cover stock and in upscale titles.
However, according to Mecom the rapidly deteriorating conditions in the daily freesheet market have meant that Wegener has been unable to generate advertising revenues in De Pers at anywhere near the level of the fixed annual fee payable to Mountain Media.
Coated freesheet imports from Asia also continued to increase.
Coated mechanical paper shipments were up 7.8% to 5.4 million metric tons, while coated freesheet shipments were up 7.3% to 4.4 million tons.
APPM is an integrated paper manufacturer in India and operates two mills with a combined annual capacity of 250,000 tonnes of uncoated freesheet paper.
The combined mill capacity is 1.2 million tons of coated freesheet and 0.7 million tons of coated groundwood papers.
The board of directors of Domtar Corporation, an uncoated freesheet paper company, declared on Wednesday its quarterly dividend of USD0.35 per share of its stock, representing an improvement of 40% over the prior quarter.
Ballapur Industries has announced a major investment in a new uncoated freesheet machine.
The board of directors of Domtar Corporation, an integrated manufacturer and marketer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America, declared on Wednesday its fourth quarterly dividend of USD0.25 per share on its common stock (NYSE:UFS) ( as well as on Domtar (Canada) Paper Inc ( exchangeable shares for the 2010 fiscal year.