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a person who has been freed from slavery


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As winter turned into spring, a rumor that all freed slaves had been promised "forty acres and a mule" spread like warm weather through the Southern states.
A story of courage, determination and hope for former slaves, Acker's historical fiction introduces readers to the hard life of the trail as freed slave Rom Decker leads a community of former slaves to the economic freedom of a new “promised land” of Arizona.
Voices of the Civil War: Stories from the Battlefields includes the stories of Confederate and Union soldiers, colonels, and doctors, as well as the story of a female freed slave who traveled with a Union regiment and opened a school for freed slaves after the war.
A PORTRAIT of a freed slave that could have been lost to the nation will go on show at the National Portrait Gallery today before being transferred to Liverpool's International Slavery Museum next year.
Similarly, Mitchell mines the iconic photographs of recently freed slave children to ponder the difficulty whites had coming to terms with emancipation.
Earline is a freed slave working on her education in Ohio, but on these trips to the South, she pretends to be Alex's slave, thus giving him access to the slaves on the plantations.
For example, Winfrey discovers an ancestor, Constantine, a freed slave who not only managed to secure more than 240 acres of land after his emancipation, but built a one-room schoolhouse on it for freed slaves and their children.
We spent countless nights talking about cooking, about her experiences working for Franklin Roosevelt's presidential campaigns, and about her grandfather, who was a freed slave. We picked wild blackberries, cooked turtle soup and shad roe, and listened to Bessie Smith.
Some think that although she worked with luxury items, she herself was not rich but was rather a freed slave who worked hard in difficult conditions.
Of particular interest are "He Who Laughs First," which tells of Henderson Luelling and how he and his family transported hundreds of tree saplings over the trail to begin a nursery and orchard in Oregon's Willamette Valley, or "Against All Odds," the tale of Hiram Young, a freed slave who became well-known as a craftsman of ox yokes despite overwhelming odds.
No one knows when the first shorthand was invented, but a Roman system was developed by Tiro, a freed slave employed by Marcus Tullius Cicero.
Based on a true story, "Exodusters," written by John Wilder, tells the story of a recently freed slave who leads his family and other freed slaves on a difficult journey out of the South to find a better life in the West.
The economic situation, which fluctuated over time, clearly played an important role for the manumitted slave, who was competing with slaves who enjoyed the full protection of their masters; the freed slave was faced with the problem of finding the support and alliances that were necessary in order to maintain the delicate balance between the world he had left and the one he wished to create.
A versified Latin collection made by Phaedrus, a freed slave in the house of the Roman emperor Augustus, included fables invented by the poet, along with the traditional favorites, which he retold with many elaborations and considerable grace.
He has been at the forefront of numerous cases to protect and expand liberty, and his writings have given renewed vigor to the concept of economic rights as true civil rights--a concept that every freed slave of 1864 must have well understood.