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international trade free of government interference

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The trade turnover of free-trade zone's subjects in country reached $852,500 in Jan-Feb of this year, which is by 19.5% more than index of corresponding period of last year.
The new bill is drafted according to the corresponding order of the President of Azerbaijan, providing for the creation of free-trade zone in Alat settlement in Garadagh district of Baku, Vice-speaker of the Parliament, Chairman of the National Resources, Energy and Ecology Committee Valeh Alasgarov noted addressing the Parliament session.
The report came a day after it was announced Sunday that private free-trade zones will be activated again under the new Investment Law which was set to be finalized Tuesday during the parliament's general session.
Europeans would reap similar gains; that is the nature of mutually beneficial free-trade agreements.
He put the invested capital of foreign companies at the free-trade zones in Syria till the end of June 2015 at SYP 96 billion, while the number of investors reached 1150.
Iranian news reports have said Armenia and Iran are about to sign a free-trade agreement, but Armenia says it won't sign such an agreement because Iran is offering lousy terms.
"If both sides are serious about a free-trade area, it should be possible to make it happen", said the Gulf News...
The mitumba trade, as it is known, is a free-trade success story in the unlikeliest of places.
CAFTA would create a free-trade area between the United States, the Dominican Republic, and five Central American countries--Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua: Its supporters say it would make more than 80% of U.S.
"In 1987, the free-trade negotiations between Canada and the United States almost collapsed because the Americans refused to accept a binding dispute resolution mechanism, while Canada insisted on one.
You see, just as Hollywood's creative bankruptcy leads to recurring rounds of bad sequels, the guys in the Washington consensus seem stuck rewriting the same free-trade script treaty after treaty, regardless of the real-world outcomes.
As the nation heads toward debate on the so-called free-trade agreements to create CAFTA and the FTAA, Americans need to be made aware that these agreements are intended to make American manufacturers dependent on foreign manufacturers through production sharing.
Chinese President Hu Jintao spent 12 days in the region, discussing free-trade pacts with Chile and Peru and promising up to US$100 billion in investments in Brazil and Argentina by 2014.
China and Singapore will launch negotiations for a free-trade pact in November, and will go ahead with the plan even if an ASEAN-China free-trade deal currently under negotiation stalls, Singapore media reported Saturday, quoting Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
We are wrapping up negotiations for free-trade agreements with an assortment of countries with which we collectively exchanged $50 billion worth of products last year.