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the power of making free choices unconstrained by external agencies

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Her targets include amongst others: Lewis Wolpert for suggesting if something fits with common sense it is unlikely to be science; Francis Crick for saying our emotions, memories, ambitions and sense of self are 'in fact no more than the behaviour of a vast assembly of nerve-cells.' (p 5); and Benjamin Libet whose experiments have been taken to disprove free will yet who is 'recorded to have said that although there is no free will, perhaps there is free won't' (p 107).
TODAY AND TOMORROW | Sheep Got Waxed The Brasshouse: Today at 5pm or the Arcadian tomorrow at 6pm - FREE Won't forget that name is a hurry, will you?
We don't have free will, we have free won't. Dyson vacuums focused on creating a beautiful design in its product.
Dance tune Off And On was written for Sophie by Calvin Harris and Cathy Dennis and she's sure fans hearing it for free won't affect sales.
"Making that same substandard security technology free won't change that equation." <p>OneCare isn't the only Microsoft program to get the ax at the end of the month.